AAE-1 Network


Αsia Africa Europe – 1 (AAE-1) is the largest next generation subsea cable system that bridges both the major Asian gateways of Hong Kong & Singapore with multiple Onward-Connectivity options in Europe featuring unique landing points in Greece, Italy & France.

OTEGLOBE is a full member and landing party in Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1), a 25,000km consortium cable system connecting South East Asia to Europe via Egypt, the largest subsea cable to be constructed in almost 15 years. Upon its completion in 2016, AAE-1 will connect Hong Kong, Vietnam,Cambodia,Thailand, with Malaysia and Singapore, then onwards to Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Chania - Greece, Italy and France.

By landing the cable at Chania – Crete, OTEGLOBE offers to the market a completely new, alternative path for connecting Europe to Asia through Greece and emerges as a reliable hub in the Mediterranean basin. Traffic from Asia is routed through AAE-1 new subsea cable to OTEGLOBE’s landing station at Chania, and from then on through OTEGLOBE’s diverse and protected terrestrial network to Europe, ensuring resilience and diversity in the region.

Features & Benefits
  • First High capacity cable to reach as far as Hong Kong (connecting also Vietnam & Cambodia)
  • Minimum design capacity of 40 Tbps over 5 Fiber Pairs with 100G technology
  • Lowest latency route between Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Middle East & Europe
  • Chania CLS offers reliable, unique & diverse connectivity to W.Europe over OTEGLOBE’s optical European backbone network (4+ diverse, resilient routes crossing Italy and the Balkans)
The Mediterranean hub, connecting Europe to the world!
OTEGLOBE’s backbone network is a fully-protected optical, terrestrial network, stretching from Greece across the Balkans and Italy to Western Europe, that offers multiterabit capacity and high availability.
VOICE Network
OTEGLOBE operates a full IP softswitch multi-service network since 2008, based on our MPLS network carrying over 6 billion minutes annually.
IP MPLS Network
OTEGLOBE’s Data/IP Multi-Services Platform (MSP) is a private, state-of the art international network with PoPs in Western Europe and major SE-European cities, such as Istanbul, Nicosia, Bucharest, Sofia, Tirana and Skopje. MSP is based on the innovative MPLS technology and incorporates NGN Sofswitch.
Other Network Infrastructure
Αpart from GWEN and TBN Networks, OTEGLOBE’s network infrastructure is complemented by co-ownership in multiple cables, cross-border Links with all neighboring countries and Teleport facilities.