Layer 3 VPN: MPLS
The innovative solution

The OTEGLOBE Layer 3 MPLS VPN service offers maximum flexibility as it supports Classes of Service, each with different quality and price characteristics, any-to-any connectivity and unlimited speed options, thus enabling tailor-made solutions and support for customers’ special requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly secure VPNs over a dedicated protected private network
  • A variety of speed options and Classes of Service (Gold, Silver, Bronze) for tailor made solutions
  • Service performance guarantee via a comprehensive SLA
  • Any-to-any connectivity among the customers’ sites, through a single access to the VPN-cloud
  • Local & international MPLS NNIs
  • Extensive global coverage with focus on the SE European region
  • Provision, installation and management of the customer’s CPEs, upon customer request
Layer 2 VPN: Ethernet
The High speed solution

Ethernet VPN is a cost-effective, reliable, high performance WAN solution, which is well suited for multi-national corporate customers requiring high-speed connectivity, as well as for carriers / service providers. The service is offered at a variety of transmission rates ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps over Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Combination of Ethernet & MPLS brings the best of both worlds
  • No routing protocols needed - Transparent WAN/MAN to customers’ locations
  • High scalability/granularity options due to MPLS potential
  • Point to multipoint communication
  • IT personnel already familiar with Ethernet technology
  • Service performance guarantee via a comprehensive SLA
  • A variety of interconnection scenarios
  • Extensive global coverage with focus on the SE European region
Managed CPE
Value added option

An optional value-added service that integrates the customer’s CPE management into the offered MSP service. Via the Managed CPE service, OTEGLOBE installs, configures, manages, monitors and provides remote and onsite technical support services for the CPE.

Depending on the specific MSP Service and customer requirements, OTEGLOBE proposes to the customer the suitable router.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated solution with a simple one-stop ordering point
  • CPE management offloads a lot of ongoing hassle from the customer
  • The customer WAN is monitored end-to-end
  • Existing customers are eligible to integrate managed CPE service to their managed MPLS VPN/FR/Clear Channel service
Virtual Private LAN (VPLS)
Global E-LAN Connectivity

Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (VPLS) Service allows customers in geographically dispersed locations to communicate over OTEGLOBE’s fully meshed, private, secure MPLS network. In a VPLS-instance, all customer sites appear to be on the same Ethernet LAN regardless of their actual locations.

The service uniquely allows the customer to manage their own routing over their VPN network, providing ultimate control and security.

IPLC Services
Οne Stop Shop solution

IPLCs constitute the traditional way of high quality capacity supplied between the point of a specific customer located in Greece and another point located in another country.
Internationally, the IPLC is available for capacities ranging from 64kbps up to E3/DS3.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully protected, high availability (99,95%), high capacity services
  • Option for flat monthly charge or ROU agreement
  • SLA guarantees for delivery (TTD) and service availability (SAR)
  • Proactive performance monitoring on a 24x7 basis
  • Interconnection with OTEGLOBE's network infrastructure
  • Local loop provisioning upon request