OTEGLOBE’s European network is a fully-protected optical, terrestrial network, stretching from Greece across the Balkans and Italy to Western Europe, that offers multiterabit capacity and high availability.
VOICE Network
OTEGLOBE operates a full IP softswitch multi-service network since 2008, based on our MPLS network carrying over 6 billion minutes annually.
IP MPLS Network
OTEGLOBE’s Data/IP Multi-Services Platform (MSP) is a private, state-of the art international network with PoPs in Western Europe and major SE-European cities, such as Istanbul, Nicosia, Bucharest, Sofia, Tirana and Skopje. MSP is based on the innovative MPLS technology and incorporates NGN Sofswitch.
AAE-1 Network
Αsia Africa Europe – 1 (AAE-1) is the largest next generation subsea cable system that bridges both the major Asian gateways of Hong Kong & Singapore with multiple Onward-Connectivity options in Europe featuring unique landing points in Greece, Italy & France.
Other Network Infrastructure
Αpart from GWEN and TBN Networks, OTEGLOBE’s network infrastructure is complemented by co-ownership in multiple cables, cross-border Links with all neighboring countries and Teleport facilities.
The Mediterranean hub, connecting Europe to the world!