Capacity Services
End to End High Capacity Services

Utilizing OTEGLOBE’s GWEN and TBN optical cable infrastructure and targeting Service Providers, our capacity services provide end-to-end, full circuit interconnection with full control of capacity usage between strategic Western and South East European nodes, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Sofia etc. On top, OTEGLOBE offers connectivity options to the M.East and N. Africa through the Chania Landing Station.

The Service portfolio that is available by the GWEN/TBN includes the following end-to-end (customer site – to – customer site) managed and fully protected connectivity solutions:

  • E1, E3 / DS3, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64, fully protected SDH connectivity between Greece and the backbone PoPs of GWEN/TBN in South Eastern & Western Europe or other European cities
  • Wavelength (λ) at 10Gpbs (STM-64/10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces)
  • Above services are offered in both protected & unprotected configurations according to customer’s demands

Features & Benefits

  • Fully protected, high availability (99,95%), high speed services
  • Option for flat monthly charge or ROU agreement
  • SLA guarantees for delivery (TTD) and service availability (SAR)
  • Proactive performance monitoring on a 24x7 basis
  • Interconnection with OTEGLOBE's MSP (Multi-Services Platform) network
  • Local loop provisioning upon request
Ethernet Services
A flexible service for International Backbone Networks

Utilizing OTEGLOBE’s GWEN and TBN optical cable infrastructure and targeting to Network Operators, Ethernet services provide a leading edge solution based on mature transport technologies. The service, offered over NG SDH/DWDM or Multi-services (MSP/MPLS) platforms, is provided at a variety of transmission rates ranging up to 1Gbps over Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, as well as 10 GE on LAN/WAN PHY presentations.

The available service portfolio includes end-to-end (customer site–to–customer site) managed and fully protected connectivity solutions, depending also on a variety of interconnection scenarios that suit customer needs.

Internet Transit
High speed Internet Access solution

OTEGLOBE's Internet Transit service targeting to Carriers and ISPs offers high performance worldwide Internet routing with minimal delay.

Features and Benefits

  • A variety of speed options ranging from E1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Service performance guarantee via a comprehensive SLA
  • Presence in the major European IXs: AMSIX (Amsterdam), LINX (London), DECIX (Frankfurt), with more than 300 direct peerings public & privately owned, ensuring optimum performance and extended reach
  • Top class Internet connectivity based on a single AS (12713)
  • Flexible billing, featuring options for flat rate or usage based (burstable) models
  • Full IPv6 support (dual stack IPv4/IPv6) to the service
CDN Services
Fast and Cost effective worldwide content delivery

OTEGLOBE offers state-of-the-art CDN solutions through partnerships with leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers.